The Blank Slate

Two sisters, best friends, a strange point in life. See if they make it?


Racing Thoughts

Women's Day for me is a celebration I am not quite able to relate to. The sheer thought that a world belonging to both men and women, needs to be sensitised about the significance of women is disturbing to me. While I sat wondering about the weird hypocrisy that surrounds true and sound beliefs like … Continue reading Racing Thoughts

A Mother’s Muse

She tiptoed into my room,Like a monsoon breeze, unawareShe strutted around for a while, fiddling with things.She stood in front of a mirror, admiring herself, surveying her looks for the last time.She picked up a bindi and placed it on her bright forehead.Wrapped a dupatta like a sareePuffed some talc from the case, all set … Continue reading A Mother’s Muse